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Building trust and demonstrating impact

Non-financial reporting is increasingly important for organisations as it helps to build trust and enhances credibility. It allows companies and organisations to demonstrate how they perform in terms of their environmental and social impact, supply chain, diversity, and other areas of sustainability. We provide a full range of sustainability reporting and assurance solutions that will help you tell your story in a meaningful and authentic way.

Our approach

Organisations today are paying greater attention to non-financial reporting in response to new regulations and stakeholder demand. There are clear benefits to non-financial reporting. It allows companies and organisations to demonstrate their sustainability credentials as well as prove their stakeholder engagement. Along with this, entities that score well on key sustainability metrics are often more likely to outperform the profitability of their peers over the long term.

In Switzerland, the counter-project for the Responsible Business Initiative requires some Swiss companies to disclose non-financial information, with human rights, notably child labor, and environmental due diligence reporting obligations for companies trading or processing minerals and metals. These new duties of diligence came into force on 1 January 2022.

Learn more about the new ESG reporting requirements in Switzerland

With non-financial reporting becoming mandatory in some jurisdictions, it has placed more emphasis on assurance to provide greater confidence in the credibility of an organisation reporting. You may need auditing services for your corporate social responsibility reports, certification of green and social bonds, or assurance for carbon reports.

At Mazars, we have a long track record of helping organisations of all sizes to structure and improve their sustainability reporting or gain necessary certifications. Our skilled team can help you identify the material environmental, social, and governance (ESG) themes relevant to your business, using tried and tested techniques, sustainability frameworks and internationally recognised guidelines.

While some organisations have moved to an integrated or combined reporting approach, others document their non-financial reporting separately. Whatever your preference, our team will align its working methods with yours to ensure your non-financial reporting is the best that it can be. At all times, our focus is on tailoring our approach to suit your needs and providing solutions that help you to meet your objectives.

Furthermore, we have a strong and specific expertise in Switzerland in the luxury, watch and refining industry to ensure the compliance of organisations and suppliers with ethical and environmental practices and manage risks of precious metal supply chains.

How we can help

  • Enhance the credibility of disclosures related to corporate responsibility and sustainability activities
  • Inform stakeholders of the progress made towards set objectives
  • Provide management and those charged with governance comfort over the quality of the information provided 

Our services 

Sustainability reporting

  • Structuring and developing stand-alone, combined or integrated sustainability reporting

Global audits

  • Non-financial information and sustainability report audit (ISAE3000)
  • Supply chain due diligence audit (OECD five steps framework)
  • Suppliers audit (e.g. mineral extraction) with the support of our worldwide group
  • Supplier ESG audit
  • Ecoentreprise audit
  • AMLA (Anti-Money Laundering Act) FINMA audit

Watch, jewellery and refining industry audits

Gender equality audits

Further services provided by our international team

  • Anti-corruption programme certification
  • Carbon report assurance
  • Human rights report assurance
  • Social compliance audit
  • Green bond certification
  • Social bond certification

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