Helping companies, organisations, investors, public entities and non-profits place sustainability at the centre of their business and activities

Sustainability has evolved substantially in recent years. Good governance, social and environmental responsibility are not simply rooted in doing the right thing; they also bring performance benefits. We help organisations address their sustainability strategies from design and embedding to reporting and assurance.

Sustainability: The Mazars approach

Sustainability creates exciting opportunities for organisations. It can improve resilience, create economic value and contribute to a healthy ecosystem and strong community. As more organisations embrace sustainability, they will need to implement higher governance standards and gain a complete understanding of their social and environmental impact to remain competitive.

A solid sustainability approach requires a clear strategy, good governance and quality reporting that addresses the full spectrum of environmental, social and governance (ESG) based issues. This will result in clear benefits:

  • Increased trust
  • A competitive edge
  • Greater employee engagement
  • Less waste through improved business processes and loyalty and support from stakeholders.

Depending on where your organisation is in its sustainability journey, we will assemble a team of area specialists focused on your unique needs and can offer solutions aligned with your goals. Whether it is sustainability reporting and audits, performance and impact measurement, alignment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), audits of supply chains or diversity promotion, we have the expertise and experience to deliver solutions that will support organisations long-term. We believe our bespoke approach means you will always have the right experts for the right project.

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At Mazars Switzerland, we offer a wide array of sustainability services to meet your needs, including:

  • Strategy: Assistance with developing strategies and business models to ensure compliance and alignment with best ESG practices as with SDGs

Discover our strategy services | sustainability

  • Reporting & assurance: Developing sustainability reporting or providing audit, assurance or certification solutions for sustainability reporting and sustainability in supply chains

Discover our reporting & assurance services | sustainability

  • Implementation: Advice and guidance to help your organisation embed sustainability into your strategy and governance to ensure that it is truly embracing its ethical and sustainable ethos

Discover our implementation services | sustainability

  • Sustainable finance: Finding the right balance between managing risks, seizing the opportunities generated by the transition to a more sustainable world and making a meaningful impact

Discover our sustainable finance services | sustainability

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