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Digital nomadism is not without risks

Neue Zürcher Zeitung - 27.11.2023

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Company transfer, the keys to success

Le Temps - 06.10.2023

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Promote energy efficiency

Handelszeitung - 28.09.2023

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There is something wrong in this company

Fachmagazin Standard 3/2023 -

Best practice for the detection of fraud by the external auditors - from a forensic expert's point of view.

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Bien vivre à Fribourg

Bien vivre à Fribourg - April 2023

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Interview Be to B of José Caneda, CEO of Mazars in Switzerland

Be to B

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Financial management of SMEs

EXPERTsuisse - December 2022

Importance of accounting standards for effective business management

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The audit of asset managers' financial statements will be demanding

Handelszeitung - 29.09.2022

With the coming into force of the FINIA regulations, a number of things may change for asset managers including the audit of their financial statements.

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Why to invest in a real estate fund

Should you invest directly or indirectly in real estate? Mazars in Switzerland and Realstone organised a seminar on 19 May to try to answer this question.

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Challenges in IT outsourcing

Handelszeitung - 19.05.2022

Effective cyber risk management is part of good corporate governance - even when IT is outsourced.

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