Valuation & Financial modelling

A skilled, experienced and independent advisor dealing with your special desires and circumstances is a key factor in any successful valuation. The renowned quotation of Warren Buffett "It is far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price", best shows the importance of a valuation within a transaction.

Is the scope of valuation consistent with the criteria established at the beginning? Is it possible to accept a going concern scenario to valuate a company, including its assets required for operation? Does it involve a majority or a minority stake? Are the securities liquid? Does the valuation concern a listed company or a private SME?

The valuation process may also hide various obstacles. These include insufficient adjustments to the specific circumstances, inadequate valuation methods or issues related to different accounting standards.

We always choose valuation methods so that your specific requirements are best met and the risks are kept to a minimum. The right valuation range as a basis for a correct price is the key to your success. To this end, we resort, where necessary, to our specialists from other disciplines and the experts of the international subsidiaries of Mazars Group.

Our valuation skills cover the following situations: 

  • Capital Market Transactions
  • Fairness opinion
  • Valuation of individual assets (e.g. intangibles, goodwill)
  • Judicial restructuring (including contributions in kind)
  • Purchase and selling prices
  • Project assessment
  • Merger ratios

Mazars will provide you assistance particularly in the following matters:

  • Identification of key drivers and essential trends of your business model
  • Defining the dynamic factors of valuation
  • Analysis of past financial performances and forecasting
  • Efficient use and interpretation of various valuation methods
  • Systematic and structured implementation of valuation
  • Analysis of sensitivity and likelihood