Mazars appointed by Rhône Color SA shareholder

June 2023 | Rhône Color SA, which specialises in the manufacture and distribution of paints and plasters for the industrial and construction sectors in the Valais region, is joining forces with Matériaux PLUS SA, a building materials trading company belonging to the Proz Group. Mazars assisted Mr. Christophe Müller and Rhône Color SA in this project.

Rhône Color SA and Matériaux PLUS SA join forces to form the Proz Group. The aim of this alliance is to complement the range of building materials offered by the Group's companies, while developing synergies. The vision shared by Christophe Müller and the Proz family to offer a range of quality products and services is the foundation of this alliance. The continuity of services and the development of Rhône Color SA are assured within the Proz Group.

Mr. Müller called on the financial advisory team, comprising Jacques Berger and David Maquelin, to support him throughout the project.

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