Luca Schnarrenberger Manager

Luca Schnarrenberger


  • Swiss Certified Fiduciary Expert
  • Fiduciary with Swiss Examination
  • Bachelor of Science HES-SO in Business Administration

Professional experience

  • In the finance sector since 2004, with large experience in accounting and financial advice and support
  • Digitalisation of accounting processes and optimisation of the company organisation
  • Advice on the creation/transformation and restructuring of companies 
  • Advice and implementation of specific solutions in the field of taxation of legal entities and individuals 
  • Implementation and management of accountings, reporting and financial planning
  • Payroll administration for small, medium and large companies, social insurance administration, tax at source
  • Accounting and financial supporting mission (Task force)
  • Financial limited and special auditHead of the Fribourg outsourcing team


French / English / German

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