IT audit

Information technology (IT) pervades all of a company’s business processes and makes a considerable contribution to corporate planning, to value added and consequently to corporate success.

Challenges of our clients

  • The corporate objectives and corporate planning are underpinned by an IT strategy in an appropriate IT target landscape. The economic viability of IT is ensured through IT controlling and is implemented by means of corporate planning, IT governance and controlling functions within management through the application of business-oriented management concepts
  • Our clients, particularly in the management functions, are thus continually confronted with a constantly changing range of technologies and opportunities and with new threats and risks at the same time.
  • Ensuring the security and reliability of systems and services and fulfilling seemingly endless external requirements - IT compliance - presents a challenge within corporate management and IT governance.


Our services

  • Project Audits / Governance of Transformation projects   
  • ISAE 3402, ISAE 3000 / SOC Reports, Monitoring of IT Outsourcing
  • Internal Audit & IT Management Testing (Support line of defense functions),
  • IT Risk & Compliance Reviews (i.e. Data Protection, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Records Management)
  • IT Security Audits (based on ISO 27001, SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework, and others)
  • IT General Controls Audits (Access Management, Change Management, Computer Operations)
  • Testing of Automated Functionalities, Calculations, Interfaces, Key Reports
  • Testing of Business Continuity Management, End User Computing, and other topics
  • Data Analytics, Automated Test of Details

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