The future of asset managers under FINSA/FINIA

The new financial market regulations, FINSA/FINIA, came into force on January 1, 2020. These regulations introduce changes for asset managers. Despite a transition period, asset managers should start addressing implementation issues. With our comprehensive support, we can help you make a seamless transition.

Your challenges

The individual asset managers cannot be compared like for like because of different business models, AuM structure, business volume and clients. Consequently, there is no overall “one-off solution” when it comes to implementing FINSA/FINIA. It also takes time to analyse the situation and decide on how to implement the new structure. 


Our solution

We offer you a full range of services to support an efficient implementation of FINSA/FINIA.


  • Analysing the concrete situation of the Asset Manager and finding the best option, considering also their individual future plans
  • Analysing the current setup (policies, Governance, etc.) of an asset manager and compare with requirements as an Asset Manager under FINIA (GAP-Analyses)

Application support

  • Support with the preparation of the application for an “individual asset manager” or an “asset manager for Collective Investment Schemes” (including Governance, policies, etc.)
  • Support throughout the application process (finding partners, outsourcers, auditors, etc.)

Application audit

  • Official application auditor in case you apply for a license as an “asset manager for Collective Investment Schemes” (requirement) 
  • Voluntary review of  the application and its appendices (voluntary)

Recurring audit 

  • Recurring statutory auditor (full scope audit) and regulatory auditor after receiving the license as an asset manager for Collective Investment Schemes
  • Recurring statutory auditor (full scope or limited audit) and regulatory auditor for the supervision organization if required after receiving the license as an “individual asset manager”

Further alternatives

  • Evaluation of other options such as e.g. sale of AuM, winding down the business, etc.
  • Support if you are looking for potential take over candidates (mergers)
  • Support in case the business should be sold