Your challenges - Our added value

The luxury goods industry is changing dramatically and faces multiple challenges.

The challenges of a changing industry

  • Adopting a social and environmental responsibility approach
  • Protecting and promoting your brand, defending your intellectual property rights (from counterfeit products, etc.)
  • Managing your development and external growth projects, particularly in emerging countries
  • Researching partnerships and acquisitions to develop your company, your product range or your international presence
  • Managing your distribution network and deploying a multi-channel strategy
  • Securing your supply chain
  • Analysing your economic and financial performance
  • Optimising your administrative and accounting procedures, and your sources of funding 
  • Passing on your assets
  • Organising and optimising your financial transactions from a tax perspective within your group and for acquisitions, mergers and partnerships
  • Optimising your cash flow and VAT position

Our added value

Multidisciplinary experts at your service...

Our multidisciplinary teams allow us to cover all your needs and provide tailor-made solutions as part of a coordinated approach.

...with a commitment to your sector...

Mazars Suisse has been a partner of the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève for the last six years. We carry out research into areas such as ethics in the luxury goods sector and organise roadshows with international luxury goods experts from the Mazars group in Switzerland. We also attend the EPHJ, the international trade fair for subcontractors in the watchmaking sector.

… to develop unique, pragmatic solutions.

Mazars has worked alongside numerous actors in the luxury goods sector and is well versed in the best standards on the market, making it well equipped to offer tangible, practical solutions. Mazars in Switzerland is currently the only company accredited to carry out all the CSR audits applicable to your sector, either separately or combined.