Corporate Tax

As businesses develop, so do tax liabilities. Mazars provides a realm of corporate tax services for every stage of a company’s life. The corporate tax team provides tax compliance and advisory services to many Swiss and international groups companies - from quoted companies down to small owner-managed businesses.

We offer proactive advice, looking at tax issues from all angles. Our team has an in depth understanding of the industries in which our clients operate and appreciate the issues currently affecting directors and shareholders.

Mazars provides expert tax advice related to:

  • Advising on business and tax re-structuring
  • Supporting new business set-up and expansion
  • Assisting clients when entering new markets or sectors
  • Improving stakeholder value and returns from a tax viewpoint
  • Advising on the choice of tax efficient structures
  • Assisting clients on financial restructuring, group financing and cash-flow optimisation
  • Advising on global tax minimisation 
  • Mitigating tax risk and due diligence
  • Supporting tax compliance obligations and identifying tax cash out with accurate timing
  • Managing fruitful interactions with the tax authorities in Switzerland and internationally
Financement entre personnes prêt traitement fiscal principe de concurrence

Financing conditions between related parties

The outstanding situation we have been experiencing for several months has also impacted the Swiss tax system, forcing the competent tax authorities to implement measures that are not insignificant and welcome for taxpayers, such as extensions of the deadline for filing tax returns and VAT statements, the waiver of interest on arrears and the possibility of booking Covid-19 provisions in certain cantons. (Article in French)

Transformation en société de capitaux

Transformation into a share capital company

The company’s legal form is often chosen at the start of an entrepreneurial activity. But are you sure that your activity’s legal structure is at its best efficiency today? Would you like to have more control over the taxation of your income? Reduce your personal risks? Optimise your pension? Prepare a possible sale of your activity?