Secondment services

You are a Chief Financial Officer, Financial controller, Project leader, Director of Human Resources...

You are facing...

  • The planned or unplanned absence of a team member, such as accountants, financial controllers, internal auditors, or even the Chief Financial Officer (due to maternity leave, illness, restructuring, retirement, sabbatical leave, dismissal or resignation).
  • Exceptional or seasonal peak activity levels, but you are not in a position to hire additional staff (for example during year-end closing, consolidation and reporting periods).
  • A major project requiring managerial or operational support (such as a change in accounting standards, major investments, reorganization of financial processes and implementation of appropriate internal controls, implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) or new modules, implementation of an electronic document management solution, change in strategy, reorganization).
  • Merger & Acquisition activity as part of which you need to quickly take control of the acquired company’s financial and administrative processes.
  • Opening of a subsidiary or branch office in a new regulatory environment.
  • Significant delays or doubts about the financial integrity of data, where you cannot get answers or are concerned about data quality and reconciliations.

Our tailored solutions

  • We cover the absence of your team member in a timely and flexible manner. We ensure that your team does not lose any accumulated knowledge or skills.
  • We support your employees in peak and critical periods, enabling them to deliver their tasks to agreed deadlines.
  • We provide you with personalized support for managing your strategic and operational projects. We solve organizational and accounting issues related to complex transactions (such as restructuring, reorganization of your finance department, changes in accounting standards or IT systems).
  • We advise you in developing your company and provide you with guidance with regard to your strategy and the regulatory framework.
  • We work with you on new subsidiaries and branch offices. We examine the key accounting processes, tools and principles used in your new subsidiaries or branches, and support them in adapting to the standards of your group.
  • Where controls have broken down we help you have confidence in your processes and controls, restoring key procedures and monthly routines in the most challenging situations, and optimizing resources.

Your benefit

  • Our neutral and novel external perspective guarantees an objective handling of your case
  • We listen to your needs and provide you with innovative and pragmatic solutions for your projects
  • Knowledge and skill replacement in case of absence of a team member
  • Professional, personalized advice and support in both strategic and operational matters
  • You save time thanks to the commitment of our motivated and hand picked resources, both in terms of numbers and skills
  • We help you managing change and achieving sustainable improvements for your organization

Our added value

  • Extensive expertise in strategic and operational activities in all tasks of a finance department
  • Highly experienced professionals with strong social skills
  • Task forces, which are used to work in emergency situations and equipped to cope with all legal and regulatory requirements
  • Privileged access to our global network of specialists
  • Experts in all business sectors
  • Proven experience that allows us to meet your needs appropriately
  • Highly flexible mindset and teams