Time Management

Your company has a statutory obligation to track your employees’ working hours and break times. Regardless of how you work, Abacus offers a range of tools, such as MyAbacus, AbaCliK, AbaClocK and AbaPoint for fast, simple and mobile recording of working hours, as well as planification resources (AbaPlan). The soolutions is suitable for companies of all sizes, and is compliant with the requirements of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and various collective labour agreements.

Digital solutions for time management


MyAbacus is the web-based employee portal. Employees who prefer not to enter their hours on their smartphones can use it to enter their working times, and get their payslips and salary certificate at any time.


AbaCliK is a smartphone application with all the features of MyAbacus. Working hours, expense reports, pay slips and salary certificates can all be entered or received electronically.

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A physical clocking solution that can be installed and connected to the payroll module, using AbaClocK.

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AbaPoint is a tracking device that allows time recording per employee seamlessly via Bluetooth. The hours are then synchronised for any necessary use.

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AbaPlan is a new HR planification tool. It can be used to manage efficiently employees’ schedules according to their workplace, working hours and breaks. The shifts are shared with employees via MyAbacus and instructions can be given directly.

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