Financial advisory

Corporate transactions have become more complex. A successful transaction means to deal with important business and entrepreneurial issues from day one.

The success of a transaction implies the proper consideration of a great number of material and complex financial, legal and tax aspects, besides the entrepreneurial issues. In such situations, the efficient organisation of a process capable of delivering quality analysis and results and of overcoming time constraints is of critical importance. The correct involvement of the management also plays an essential part. Our interdisciplinary expertise, our proximity to clients and the ability to flexibly adjust our professional advisory services to your requirements makes the difference. 

Our team has many years of international experience with all types and particularities of corporate transactions. Whether it is a small, local and individual private transaction or an international complex deal of a major listed corporation, we are able to customise our service.

Due to the integrated partnership of Mazars Group, we are able to draw on the group expertise and to deliver to you cross-border solutions adapted to the local realities in almost all important countries. We provide services to banking, insurance and almost all other industries. 

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Corporate Finance and M&A

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The opening of new markets, the successful structuring of the business fields or the exploration of new strategic options make the companies face more and more complex financial challenges and require many specific competences. Our corporate finance team will support you throughout the implementation of your plans.

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Due Diligence

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The reasons for corporate transactions are complex and individual. Therefore, first we shall analyse with you the financial, tax and legal opportunities and risks of the potential target company. After having established the framework conditions of a possible transaction and having defined a valuation range, a due diligence is normally conducted. Over this crucial phase, the seller presents to the parties essential data regarding its business model and financial situation. The aim is to process and analyse corporate data and to underline the possible opportunities and risks of a potential transaction.

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Valuation & Financial Modelling

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A skilled, experienced and independent advisor dealing with your special desires and circumstances is a key factor in any successful valuation. The renowned quotation of Warren Buffet "it is far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price" shows best the importance of a valuation within a transaction.

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