Business transformation while lowering company’s risks has become a complex and ongoing trend, today’s must-have to remain competitive in the market. Our integrated approach is at the core of our strategy to deliver the best advisory services to our clients. An integrated approach allows our clients to achieve their performance goals through efficient processes that combine technology tools and relevant controls in line with best practice.

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Governance, Risk and Compliance

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Our aim is supporting organisations manage risks in order to raise their efficiency and gain a holistic and comprehensive picture of their processes. Mazars delivers high quality and hands-on compliance services to businesses of all sizes. Our team has years of experience in risk management, ICS, CSR, certifications etc.

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Internal audit

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Private companies, institutional organisations and the public sector are facing an increased requirement for a robust internal audit function. The internal audit function provides boards, audit committees, management, regulators and other stakeholders with assurance that key organisational risks are effectively managed and that an effective controls framework is in place.

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Technology & Digital

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Mazars offers a broad spectrum of technology consulting solutions, covering IT advisory, robotic process automation, cyber security, data protection and data management and forensic technologies.

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People & Processes

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With the right people and processes in place a business’s competitive advantage is much greater, enabling them to become more fluid and dynamic in a changing market.

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Actuarial & Risk

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Due to the changing regulatory and economic environment, as well as the shifts in technology and customer behavior, the financial industry faces new challenges that could hardly be mastered without a deep technical expertise.

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