Financial audit

At Mazars, we appreciate the regularity and sincerity of your accounts.

The certification of the financial and accounting information while enjoying the regularity and sincerity of your accounts requires teams organized by sector expertise. This allows us to have a very good knowledge of your business, to control your issues (on strategic, operational and financial matters) and to establish long-term labour relations.

We propose several approaches:

  • Statutory audit
  • Limited statutory audit
  • Limited review of interim financial statements
  • Review of pro forma accounts
  • Analysis of complex accounting situations
  • Review of financial information on the basis of agreed procedures
  • Review of prospective financial information

Regardless of your business, our teams of auditors will adapt their approach and their audit tools to your specificities. They can also rely, as part of their work, for example on the competences, financial modelling and Doctrine teams, in order to respond to highly technical problems and present you with flexible and pragmatic solutions.

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