CSR audit

CSR audits to strengthen your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, create value and control your risks

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility have become key issues for companies especially in the luxury industry. The compliance with ethical and environmental practices is capital for the image of companies.

Faced with these challenges, companies will have to, among other things:

  • Manage the risks of your company, subsidiaries and suppliers in relation to responsible ethical, environmental and human rights practices
  • Meet the expectations of your shareholders and partners in terms of corporate social responsibility.

Our added value

In recent years, Mazars Switzerland has invested and trained a team of consultants specialized in the watch and jewellery industry, based in Geneva and Neuchâtel. In addition to its recognised sector expertise, this multidisciplinary team has the skills and accreditation to carry out the following audits: 

In Switzerland, Mazars is currently the only company accredited to carry out these various audits in a combined or separate manner. A combined approach to some audits will provide you with synergies, saving you time and money.