Audit & Assurance

For Mazars, the financial audit goes beyond simple auditing. Providing an opinion on the regularity and reliability of financial information is a strategic point for your business, such information being available for the financial markets and for all the stakeholders in your business.

Beyond reviewing your Financial Statements, we want to assist you in the development of your activities and help you produce and present your business and financial information adequately. In doing so, we allow you to manage your risks more effectively, to make strategic decisions in the best conditions, to create value and inform transparently your shareholders and market participants. 

Our approach to audit is based on our professional independence, our choice to not exercise certain professions considered incompatible and strictly manage these incompatibilities. 

Our teams: technical excellence and responsibility

We support our customers through a team of highly qualified auditors, with a real diversity of profiles. Trained throughout their career at Mazars, they all have an expert knowledge of the technical aspects of auditing and share the same quality standards able to provide effective and appropriate solutions to companies in all sectors of activity. The combination of international resources of Mazars Group and knowledge of the Swiss market allows us to meet the strictest requirements as well as to offer tailored services.

Our service offer

Regardless of the strong regulatory changes, audit remains a mission of trust, performed in a high ethical framework. It requires:

  • The focus of an audit approach centred on the essence
  • The most advanced sector skills
  • Mastering the organization and the control devices
  • The ability of pragmatic analysis of the most complex accounting treatments by placing them against their economic context
  • A fluent communication with the stakeholders of the company and its governing bodies

During each assignment, the partner in charge commits the Mazars organization as a whole. 

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