Business Performance Improvement

An organisation's overall effectiveness is intrinsically linked to the efficiency of its business operations or processes. As your organisation develops and changes, you need to ensure that operations are carried out in a manner that is driven by the business needs of the organisation and that they are fit for purpose with respect to design, efficiency and effectiveness.

Mazars Business Process services can help your organisation to develop and change, to derive the maximum business value from your people, processes, systems and resources and to increase efficiency and reduce risk in the delivery of value for money business operations.

Our dedicated Business Performance Improvement (BPI) team works closely with clients in the following areas:

  • Analysis of organisation, resources, processes and tools
  • Definition of solutions in terms of organisation, human resources and technology (digitisation, robotisation)
  • Implementation and monitoring of the optimisation plan

Our team can assist you regarding the following issues:

  • Inefficient or high cost processes
  • Known control weaknesses with staff fire-fighting issues
  • Inability to meet reporting deadlines (internal or external)
  • Unclear roles & responsibilities within teams and interfaces
  • KPIs not aligned to business goals or coordinated into a hierarchy
  • Need to manage change programme with insufficient trained resource

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