Regulatory assurance services

The regulatory and accounting environment for insurance companies requires you to follow increasingly complex guidelines and principles. The solvency frameworks force insurers and reinsurers to implement internal models to quantify all the risks they are exposed to.

We have always favoured dual competencies combining auditors and actuaries for assignments in the insurance industry.

Therefore we can offer you a comprehensive approach with multi-dimensional skills to meet your requirements and those of the regulator:

  • Auditing according to the defined audit concept of the Swiss Solvency Test (SST) internal models and the upcoming concept of Solvency II, such as:
    • Reviewing of market consistent balance sheet
    • Investigating if the economic scenario generator is adequate to detect possible weaknesses
  • Reviewing the QIS 5 calculation
  • Performing an assessment of data quality management and methodology
  • Conducting an audit on money laundering prevention measures in the life insurance business