Financial reporting advisory

Economic uncertainty, corporate crisis and increasing regulatory demands have all increased the complexity of your business. The role of the auditor as an objective safeguard for stakeholders, shareholders, board members and executive management is more important than ever.

Our audit and assurance teams are dedicated to provide you with the necessary assurance in the right form at the right time. The quality of your decision making depends on reliable information, presented in a fair way and at the right time.

We provide you with high quality, efficient and cost effective service in areas such as:

  • Advising you in selecting the appropriate set   of standards and assistance in the   implementation of IFRS or Swiss GAAP FER
  • Ensuring that your accounting manual and   financial reporting packages are up to date   and suitable for use as group-wide   management tools.
  • Provide solutions for complex accounting questions on your behalf arising from company for instance IAS 11 (long term projects)