Industry, Trade and Services

Audit and Assurance Services

Mazars is a true alternative in audit, accounting and advisory services for national and global industry and service companies in Switzerland. Mazars has a dedicated team of professionals. Besides their expertise in both auditing and consulting matters, they are fully involved in complex issues and constantly deal with adaptations to international and national regulations. Mazars’ partners and managers work in close cooperation with regulatory authorities and professional organisations, in order to implement professional standards and to remain at the heart of development.

Why Mazars?

  • Added value – one entry point
    Our integrated partnership is a client focused model that delivers a seamless service across borders and boundaries to you. Each international assignment is serviced by an enthusiastic partner and an integrated team, thus drawing on local knowledge and regulations without loosing sight of the bigger picture.

    Our efficient cost structure ensures that our fees are both highly competitive and transparent.

  • Meeting your expectations – using our expertise
    Our dedicated team of professionals is specialised in your industry and understands the trends that affect your business. Our team brings added value by sharing market trends, industry knowledge and regulatory expertise. We tailor our approach and services to the particular needs of your business, from day-to-day operations support through to issues relating to international development. § Working for global companies - with our international teams

    Mazars has one of the largest multi-disciplinary teams focused on industry and services in Europe. Therefore we can draw resources from our international group, who has solid knowledge in external auditing, accounting and transaction services as well as in risk management, internal auditing and IT audit.

    Our international platform enables us to mobilise cross border teams very quickly and to work on extensive assignments anywhere in the world at any time

Financial Audit

Auditing is for us more than a mere verification of figures. Through our risk and process oriented approach, we are able to identify risks and bring them to the attention of our clients. Being in possession of all licenses for Switzerland, Mazars is your leading partner in Switzerland for audit services ranging from ordinary and regulatory audits to fairness opinions.

Financial reporting advisory

Economic uncertainty, corporate crisis and increasing regulatory demands have all increased the complexity of your business. The role of the auditor as an objective safeguard for stakeholders, shareholders, board members and executive management is more important than ever.

Internal Audit Services

Our internal audit experts can assist you, either as advisors to your Audit Committee or as a fully outsourced internal audit function.

Risk Management

Our approach to risk management is based on a high level of interaction with our clients to ensure that the organisational context, management structures and activities which support risk management are suitable to provide a practical and tailored solutions.

Transaction Services

Corporate transactions have become more complex over the past years and particularly in recent times. When entering into a transaction it means dealing with important business and entrepreneurial issues from day one.
The business rational of transactions only allows for valid conclusions if the financial, tax and legal aspects are properly considered. In such situations, the efficient process organization, overcoming time constraints, the quality of analysis and results as well as the right management involvement are of critical importance. Our ability to organize flexible our interdisciplinary expertise and qualified advisory approach around the requirements of our clients makes the difference.