Advisory services

Just a few of our services:

  • Transaction Services
  • Governance & Risk Management Services
  • Outsourcing of temporary professionals with relevant experience and competences (whether short or long-term)
  • General accounting advisory services in accordance with FINMA-Circular 08/2
  • Valuation Services for financial instruments
  • Set up and implementation of rules and procedures
  • Implementation of risk management systems in accordance with the FINMA-Circulars
  • Set-up and coaching of collective investment schemes
  • Preparation of regulatory reporting (FINMA Reporting)
  • Reporting and preparation of consolidation reporting package
  • Preparation of financial reporting
  • Implementation of reporting in accordance with FINMA-Circ. 08/24
  • Implementation of supervisory systems for interest and market risk in accordance with the respective regulations
  • Implementation of new regulatory standards
  • Benchmarking for special topics
  • Compliance Services
  • Accompanying during the admission process for banks and security dealers
  • Implementation of the guidelines for the recognition of self-regulation of the Swiss Fund association