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Risk management requires above all common sense

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Sphère - September 2020

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New Head of Forensic at Mazars Switzerland

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L'Agefi - 15.04.2020

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Climate change taken into account by supervision

Agefi OMFIF finance durable
L'Agefi - 16 March 2020

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Symbol of gender equality: a purple-red-green flag?

Egalité Hommes Femmes 1600x500
L'Agefi - 6 March 2020

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Diversification of Jura SMEs

Event Bilan Jura 30.01.2020 1600x500
Bilan - 20 February 2020

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The Mazars group is still on the upward path

Press Bilan 11.02.2020
Bilan - 11 February 2020 (Article in French)

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IFRS 17 – Valuation models for life insurance companies

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Expert Focus 12/2019 (Article in German)

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A looming climate crisis?

Article climate 1600x500
L'Agefi - 15 November 2019

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Digital currencies generate real taxes!

Tax - Cryptomonnaie
L'Agefi - 08 October 2019

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Opportunities and risks of the samll banks regime

Presse Bank Mazars Schweiz
Handelszeitung - October 3, 2019

Eigenmittel: Was die neuen Erleichterungen der Schweizer Finanzmarktaufsicht bedeuten.

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