Seminar Managing the emotional dimension of a company handover

Company handover is not only one of the most important but also one of the most difficult milestones in the life of an entrepreneur. Like the start-up phase, the succession is one of the decisive stages in every company’s life cycle.

Marc Reinhardt, Head of Financial Advisory Services, will participate in the session "What does a company handover feel like".

A change at the top of a company is a complex process that raises a wide variety of challenges for both the entrepreneurs affected and their successors. Not only are material and financial issues involved; emotional aspects almost always play a role too, since as for many entrepreneurs, their own business represents their life's work.

There are various methods and approaches for determining the value of a business, offering objective instruments that make it possible to set aside the emotional aspects. However, regardless of the instruments used, emotions always come into play and influence people’s expectations, perceptions and assessments.

Which emotions should you expect to experience during a handover? How should you handle them? Capital Transmission and their partners Mazars and CCI France Suisse Zürich are pleased to invite you to a conference and round table discussion at which experts and entrepreneurs will share their views and experiences on these issues.

Tuesday 7 November 2017
Hotel Park Hyatt
Beethovenstrasse 21
8002 Zürich