Corporate Investigation and Interviewing Skills Workshop

This is a two day practical workshop designed for a small group of 8 to 12 people (to maximise discussion and practical application of techniques) that utilises a case study to replicateas close as is possible a real life internal corporate investigation.

Prior to attending the workshop, you will receive our investigation workbook that sets out the case study and investigation good practice guidance. You will be required to undertake some pre-workshop preparation and planning. This pre-workshop preparation is necessary to allow you to focus, at the workshop, on the development of practical investigation skills, whilst receiving continuous feedback and coaching from our corporate investigation experts. During the two day workshop you will undertake the following:

  • Assess the issues/allegations including interviewing
  • the reporter of the issues and reviewing the initial
  • information the reporter provided
  • Prepare an investigation plan
  • Review supporting data/documentation
  • Interview a witness
  • Reconsider your investigation plan and review
  • additional information
  • Interview the subject of the issues/allegations
  • Analyse what facts you gathered and identify any
  • gaps in information or knowledge
  • Identify control or process weaknesses
  • Prepare a verbal report of findings and present this report to management


11-12 October 2017

Mazars Zurich, Herostrasse 12, 8048 Zurich


CHF 900.--



Caroline Weide
Tel. +41 44 384 93 73

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