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Mazars International Tax Conference 2018

Mazars, in collaboration with King’s College London, is pleased to be hosting the Mazars Annual International Tax Conference on 4 October 2018, providing an insight into The Future of Tax: What is next? The event will explore how the business landscape internationally has been shaped by the tax changes resulting from BEPS, the OECD and EU work on the taxation of digital economy and more.

Event E-economy and blockchain: which services for new assets? - 11 October 2018

Leading professionals of the Blockchain industry and the most competent advisors for tax and legal aspects of Blockchain related assets will share their know-how by giving you clear and accurate information on what's going on in this exciting field.

Markus Hertel, Mazars Tax Executive Director, will held a presentation about tax and accounting implications around blockchain-based assets.

Conférence - Dernières réformes prudentielles : contrainte ou opportunité pour transformer les business models des banques ?

La FINMA a publié cet été ses circulaires révisées sur la suite de la mise en œuvre de Bâle III en Suisse. Quelques mois auparavant, le Comité de Bâle finalisait le cadre prudentiel de cet accord revoyant l’ensemble des méthodes de calcul des exigences de fonds propres pour risque de crédit, risque opérationnel, risque CVA et approuvait la mise en place d’un output floor.

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