The Tourism sector contains a variety of actors of different types, sizes, and activities. Economic crises, changes in laws and regulations, changes in customer needs, competitive price wars, resource optimisation and process control are examples of some of the challenges you face.

Faced with the evolution in your environment, we provide you with the solutions and expertise to guide you during your project.

Our services


Your challenges
• Defining the development strategy
• Determining the investment horizon
• Seeking profitability
• Feasibility of your project
• Positioning on the value chain
• Concept and positioning of your offer

Our solutions
• Market and feasibility studies
• Business Plan development or analysis
• Finding operators

Operation, organisation and steering

Your challenges
• Monitoring and analysing your business
• Adapting the offer to customer behaviour
• Optimising profitability
• Cash management and forecasting
• Improving your internal audit system
• Improving the performance of your processes
• Optimising administrative and financial functions
• Risk management and governance
• Preventing fraud and corruption
• Securing your HR policy
• Reliability of your information systems
• Protecting your customer data

Our solutions
Financial audit
Audit or implementation of your internal audit system (IAS)
Tax optimisation (property taxes and VAT)
Process improvement, automation
Analysis of the governance structure
Auditing IT tools and security testing
Subcontracting financial management (accounting, reporting)
Review of extra-financial reporting on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Administrative management of personnel
Review of compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Data analytics

Investment and financing

Your challenges
• Selecting investors
• Securing the investment
• Getting appropriate financing
• Adaptability of holding and operating models
• Defining contract terms

Our solutions
• Support in the search for financing
• Profitability analysis
• Acquisition advising and due diligence

Divestiture and transfer

Your challenges
• Mastering the divestiture process
• Anticipating accounting, tax and wealth consequences of divestiture transactions

Our solutions
• Asset valuation
• Investor search
• Divestiture advice: tracking the sales process and due diligence
• Analysis of financial and tax impacts

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