Facts and Figures

In Switzerland

Mazars has 7 partners and 150 employees working in our 5 offices in Fribourg, Geneva, Lausanne, Sion and Zurich.

In Europe

  • Mazars is the 5th largest audit firm in six countries (including France), the 6th largest in five countries (including the Netherlands) and the 7th largest in three countries (including Ireland)


  • Mazars and its correspondents draw on the expertise of over 17,000 professionals 
  • Mazars operates throughout 77 countries. 
  • The turnover from our integrated partnership is now: 1,252 M€

 Our clients

  • Swiss and international clientsInsurance and reinsurance companies
  • Banks / securitiy dealers / asset managers / investment funds
  • Public sector
  • NGOs and international organizations